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19 02.20.

Peer-mission on Public Participation

Peer-mission on Public Participation gathered representatives of Better Regulation working group from ReSPA Members in Sarajevo (Bosnia and Herzegovina). During the two days’ workshop, participants had the opportunity to get familiar with the functioning of the public consultation systems in Bosnia and Herzegovina. The representatives of Ministry of Justice of BiH, Ministry of Economy and Entrepreneurship of Republic of Srpska, and Office of the Government of Federation of BiH for legislation and Harmonization with EU regulations presented their achievements in organizing public participation process. Afterward, the ReSPA consultant, Mr. Goran Forbici, presented to the audience the best regional and international practices in the area. 

Participants' interactive approach led to a dynamic discussion pointed out by the exchange of experience, with particular reference to the advantages and disadvantages of various models and practices of public consultation in the region. Part of vibrant discussion was devoted to models of public participation in area of European Integrations and Accession Negotiation process with EU. At the end of the Peer-mission the participants were informed on future ReSPA activities devoted to supporting Better regulation area as very significant area in the public administration reform process.