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High-Level Policy Dialogues

High-level Policy Dialogues significantly enhance and improve the overarching political readiness to further support Public Administration Reform within the Western Balkan region. Through the organization, Policy Dialogues foster regional cooperation and enable direct exchange among ministries responsible ... read more

Thematic High-Level Ministerial Conferences

These conferences discuss and analyze lessons learned in the domain of different topics related to public administration aimed to identify optimal solutions for the improvement of public administrations in certain areas. The Conferences are thematical, usually devoted to innovations and optimization ... read more

Regional Thematic Conferences

We usually organize thematic conferences in collaboration with our partner institutions such as SIGMA and line ministries from the WB countries. This type of conference covers a wide range of topics related to some particular issue in the public administration. It gathers high-level representatives ... read more

Thematic Workshops

This type of the event is devoted to knowledge transfer between professionals through practical examples and exercises meant for them to learn from distinguish experts, and each other and think jointly about the way forward regarding particular topics. Usually, the main issues are related to policy development, ... read more

Thematic Regional Working Groups Meetings

The Working Groups (WG) Meetings are usually devoted to the preparation or finalization of the research documents/studies or other essential publications. Meetings gather the regional experts from each of our Member states, lead experts on the publications, and representatives of Working Groups' members ... read more

Summer / Seasonal Schools

Summer and Seasonal Schools are training programs with educational activities addressed mainly to civil servants with excellent English language skills, and with the affinity for expanding their knowledge on EU related fields and studies. Since 2008, every year, we have organized Summer School on European ... read more

The Mobility Schemes Programme

Based on collaborations established with institutions of public administration in the WB region, this programme allows civil servants to gain successful experience from different contexts, in particular amongst the public administration in the region. Through this kind of programme, the selected civil ... read more

Working visits

Working visits usually mean visiting colleagues in EU member countries to connect civil servants from the WB region with colleagues from the EU. They already apply EU standards in their daily work. The participants have an opportunity to get familiar with the particular topic and exchange with colleagues ... read more

Peer-to-peer learning

Regional Peer-to-Peer Mechanism is a model of sharing regional knowledge and experiences in the area of Public Administration Reform and European Integration. This mechanism serves to address specific needs in the WB countries, and ensure direct support and expertise from public administration of our ... read more

In-country support

"In-country support mechanism" targets the specific demand driven topics defined by ReSPA Members who face different challenges and needs on their paths towards reforming their public administrations. This mechanism assists each ReSPA Member in terms of engagement of ... read more

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