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Enriching Collaboration Concludes: Successful Milestones Achieved in Capacity-Building Programme on “Translation of the acquis”

07 December 2023 News

7 December 2023, online 

In a significant culmination, we announce the successful conclusion of the 6th and final module of our groundbreaking Capacity-Building programme. This initiative, tailored for approximately 40 dedicated public servants hailing from Translation Coordination Units (TCUs) in the Western Balkans, Georgia, Moldova, and Ukraine, has unfolded over the past three months as a remarkable exchange fostering partnerships and engagement.

The collaborative spirit thrived, bringing together participants and over 20 esteemed speakers from the Directorate-General for Translation (DG Translation) of the European Commission (EC). Since September, we witnessed an enriching journey marked by informative sessions, dynamic discussions, and the forging of strong networks. Together, we have not only delved into the intricacies of translation but also made significant strides in bringing these regions closer to the European Union.

Today's program focused on the critical aspect of legal revision concerning translated regulations. The insightful presentations by Valentina Bozhilova and Natalia Nikolova from the EC Legal Service shed light on the pivotal role of legal revisers in the translation and revision processes of the Union acquis. Under the expert moderation of Merit-Ene Ilja, Director at DGT, a lively discussion ensued, allowing participants to share their visions of the ideal TCU and openly highlight the challenges they face, such as the human and financial resources, usage of IT tools during translation, quality management, AI usage, etc.

ReSPA Coordinator Genti Xhaxhiu extended heartfelt gratitude to all the public servants actively engaged in this transformative initiative. A special acknowledgement was reserved for our colleagues from the Directorate-General for Translation (DGT) for their exceptional program design and unwavering partnership. “As we bid farewell to this chapter, the next milestone on our journey is a joint conference in Brussels, scheduled to convene early next year. This conference will be a convergence point for all Translation Coordination Units and the Directorate-General for Translation, offering a platform to share insights, discuss best practices, and further strengthen our collaborative ties. In closing, we celebrate the achievements of the Capacity-Building programme, confident that the knowledge gained and the connections forged will continue to resonate, contributing to the advancement of translation excellence and fostering enduring partnerships,” highlighted Xhaxhiu.

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