Human Resources Management and Development

For strengthened and professionalised public service

We in HRMD Working Group are determined to empower public servants of the Western Balkan governments by providing them with critical insights, knowledge, tools and connections needed to establish efficient services to the benefit of citizens and businesses.

Being aware that strengthened and professionalised public service is the driver for changes and improvements within the WB governments, we support the merit-based recruitment that is trusted, legitimate and aimed to appoint competent people and to enable their further career development.

By organising various capacity building events, conducting tailor-made research, composing documents with recommendations and establishing inter-governmental regional networks among senior HRMD civil servants, we enable exchanging of experience and best practices, we provide guidance and propose various mechanisms of support.

That is why we often say: People work with people, for the people.

Merit-based recruitment and selection mean clear and appropriate eligibility criteria, a reasonable and transparent application process through competition, testing methods that comprehensively screen professional competence, professional, neutral and well-informed selection committees, transparent and timely appointment, ensuring both the principle of merit and political acceptance and an effective appeal system.

We developed The Regional Study on Improving the Implementation of Merit-Recruitment Procedures in the Western Balkans (2015) that shows considerable progress has been made by our Members concerning the formal institutionalisation of merit-based recruitment procedures. However, across the region, there is a widespread perception that recruitment procedures are not delivering high-quality outcomes and, as a result, the capacity of the civil service remains far lower than desired.

Merit Recruitment in the Western Balkans: An evaluation of Change between 2015 and 2019 serves as a basis for developing various in-country support mechanisms aimed to facilitate the implementation of the merit-based recruitment procedures in the region. It also provides information on the progress made between 2015 and 2018.

Development and strengthening of the career system mean an evaluation of the achievement of objectives and assessment of the management competencies, including guarantees for promotion based on professional merits and the contribution given.

In 2018 we prepared an Individual Performance Appraisal of Employees in Central Public Administration in Western Balkans – Baseline analysis to provide support in development and strengthening of career systems, development of policy papers for medium-term career development as well as upgrading of legal frameworks and guidelines for proper implementation of the performance appraisal and job classification.

As a unique response to Covid-19 pandemic, we have established the Western Balkan online collaboration platform in teleworking, aimed to support human resource management in public administration to cope with the pandemic and recover fast by providing mechanisms of support such as in-country support, mobility scheme and peer to peer learning.

We will continue to design and implement mechanisms of support to strengthen the capacities required to oversee, execute and monitor the progress of the human resource management in Western Balkan public administrations.

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