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Regional Conference on Functioning of Centres of Government of Western Balkans

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This Regional Conference organised by SIGMA, ReSPA and RCC, is bringing together officials of the Centres of Government (CoG) institutions of the Western Balkans to share good practices and initiatives, as well as to discuss key challenges and common ways of enhancement of the functioning of the CoG. The event also provides an opportunity to learn from European Commission’s representatives about the EC’s focus on this important aspect of public administration, and to learn about the results of the work of the OECD with CoGs around the World.

This occasion of networking of the Western Balkans’ CoG representatives also provides an opportunity to discuss the work initiated by ReSPA and RCC on the enhancement of the approach of the represented governments towards effective and efficient public consultation practices in policy development. Moreover, ReSPA will provide forum for discussion on possible further cooperation of Western Balkans’ CoGs


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