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Working Group meeting on Better Regulation

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ReSPA is organising the Working Group meeting on Better Regulation, which will be held on 25 and 26 June 2019 in Tirana (Albania).

The purpose of this meeting is to inform the WG BR members on the ReSPA Programme of Work 2019-2020 and to present how ReSPA intends to operate in the new strategic period; to enable exchange of information on the developments in the area of better regulation since the last meeting (April 2018) and discuss challenges and plans that the national authorities face; to present the use of ReSPA in-country support as the means to address different recommendations (ReSPA studies, PAR Special Groups, etc); to present Better Regulation practices across the EU: Presentation of the latest OECD publication and to inform the WG BR members on the specific support provided by the OECD/SIGMA.


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