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03 10.16.

ReSPA eGovernment Working Group - Participation at INFOFEST 2016 OCnference, 26-27 September 2016, Budva (Montenegro)

ReSPA eGovernment working group gathered on 26-27 September 2016 for the second time this year in a beautiful city of Budva in Montenegro taking an active part at the INFOFEST event


The credible event was great opportunity not only to meet with the organizations and experts in subject but also to get introduced with the global and regional ICT trends and EVEN more important to present ReSPA Comparative analysis from E- to Open Government.  As one of the main conclusions was that INFOFEST will traditionally gather ReSPA eGovernment practitioners in the next years. In addition current priorities were defined and the follow up activities such as taking part at the next eGovernment Conference in December 2016 that Directorate for E-Government - Ministry of Public Administrations and Local Self Government of Republic of Serbia will organize