Our Activities

Public Administration Reform Partner
Proven Across the Governments of the Western Balkans

Our activities cover a wide range of networking and capacity-development activities and conducting regional research analyses to help governments of the Western Balkans navigate the complex journey of Public Administration Reform (PAR).

In constant exchange with governments and academic society, we deliver effective and sustainable solutions to adopt and put into practice the measures, systems, and approaches necessary for an enhanced reform process in PAR Agenda.

We put together our vast experience generated jointly with more than 100 prominent experts to support the transformation of public administration by building people and business-oriented public administrations focusing on quality management and corporate models both at the individual and organizational levels.

We empower public servants within ministries responsible for public administration, European integration, and centre of government institutions by providing them with critical insights, knowledge, tools, and connections needed to establish efficient services for the benefit of citizens and businesses.

Aware of the importance of a participatory approach, we also facilitate exchange among government representatives through various capacity development events during which they have an opportunity to share knowledge, learn from best-case examples and get in touch with the most credible experts. Through workshops, conferences, seasonal schools, mobility schemes, study visits, peer-to-peer learning, and in-country support they boost their knowledge and skill assets essential not only from the perspective of their career but from the perspective of public administration service improvement.

Following the needs of the governments of the Western Balkans, citizens, and businesses, we conduct policy papers and studies with included regional and country-specific PAR policy recommendations.

Within the Regional Quality Management Centre, we support governments to find the optimal way to improve management in public administration, simplify the organizational processes, and design and deliver the best citizens and businesses-oriented public services.

Over the years, thousands of participants have acquired skills and knowledge through various our events we have organized. Beneficiary institutions have implemented many recommendations deriving from ReSPA research analysis.

Our activities cover five key areas:

Our activities are coordinated by the Program Committee, which provides strategic guidance of all our working groups

We in ReSPA will continue to support public administrations in the domain of process and product optimisation in the area of Public Administration Reform and EU Integration while responding to the needs of citizens and businesses.

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